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Mission - In short, my mission is to provide underground Rappers, Hip Hop artists and singers with quality production, mixing and mastering; as well as help local producers sell or lease their beats. For the past couple of years I noticed more Rappers and Singers have been taking my class (I am the Hip Hop Production professor at Austin Community College).  After listening to their complaints about the lack of quality production, and the artist unity amongst each other; I decided to do something about it and do my part for the city (Austin, Texas).   Eventually I plan to have a record label similar to TDE or Quality Control but for now, I’m putting together a strong production team.  Currently, only my beats are available for lease but I have a few guys and gals I’m working with so that we can start cranking out beats.  Sign up to the email list to stay in the loop and receive free beats.  Austin Hip Hop and R&B is in for a real treat in 2018.


Sub Genres - I wanted to give Rappers and singers a variety of beats to choose from so I created Hip Hop and Rap beats in the following sub genres, Trap, East Coast, West Coast, R&B, Top 40 and Experimental Hip Hop.  


Mixing Tips - I made the beats with mixing in mind, leaving room for vocals to ensure you get a clean mix even though you may be recording over the two track. I also, left some headroom and dynamics in the beat so that it doesn’t sound distorted when you add the vocals.  If you need extra room for clean vocals cut 1-3 khz from the beat.


Pricing - I remember the days as a starving artist, so i tried to make the prices as affordable as possible while being able to meet the overhead cost of operating a business.  So I decided every month we will make at least one beat available for free.   Intro rates are:


Basic License:  2 for $19.99

Premium License:  2 for $39.99

Unlimited License:  2 for 89.99

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