1. I Get It Now

From the recording I Get It Now


Okay I get it now
I was down but they thought that I took a bow but look around
Only thing that's down is your funds and girls in town
Look how the plot thickens
Dealing with eggs count chickens
Lookin for money mo be around me like Dickens
Ima writer with a rider like DIckens
Stay silent like crickets
You rapping ain't a real sport like cricket no competition
The bar too high and you a misfit
Man I miss Misfit
I miss miss hips but don't miss like Steph in his I don't miss fit
You get it do you get it I think they get it
I used to be vegan but now I want the beef no seasoning any season
Tryin me for any reason man that shits treason make me start seizin
Like laced trees in a wrap
Am I the weed or the lace in this rap
I know you not talking like ya lips not chapped chap
Ain't wash ya money or ya hands but you want me to dap that
N his girl ain't my girl but like feds on phones I tap that
Allow me to quote the light skinned ghost, I mean goat, that's that

I think I get it now
I think I get it so much I could probably give it now
Ain't no giving in unless you getting out
N part black but ain't no getting out
N oh wait here come the raised eyebrows
Like you black yea my grand momma is oh word wow
Now we proud now we accept you
Profess you the exception we accept you
N gee thanks how ironic
Tables turn faster than sonic
Makes sense
Since I rap good n used to trap good n lay good wood n
Fuck it
I'll take it where I can
Daddy mixed too brudda from the can
My momma daddy used to dick ride the clan
Used the N-word around me like I ain't a N-word man
But shit it's all good
Been my life for over 20 now
Was 0 for 20 now got a little money now
Got plenty nose runny now
No hoes Texas kinda funny now yeah
I kinda run it now
I kinda run it like a bowel now
I'm kinda needed like a vowel now
I kinda busted where the towel now
Look, I think I get it now